Season Fees and Registration






For the coach (or any level 1 volunteer or adult working with student-athletes on a team)
The cost is $25 registration fee plus $38 background check for a first year coach. Returning coaches will have a $25 registration fee plus $11 background check (year 2 to year 6). Any adult who participates in team practices must be a registered coach with the Florida League and is background checked.

This fee covers:

  • Background check requirement ($38 new; $11 returning)
  • Annual NICA/Florida League fee
  • Insurance during practices, pre-rides, and races
  • Training webinars
  • Access to the numerous resources through NICA’s industry connections, including discounts on products
  • Risk Management best practices studies and implementation
  • The how-to’s of starting a team and working with middle and high schoolers


October 15: Registration opens

Registration closes February 11th at 11:59 pm

Event Pass sales close February 11th at 11:59 pm

NOTE: Your team’s registration deadline may differ from the league’s deadline. Teams have the authority to close registration earlier than the Florida League in the interest of organizing the team, ordering kits, and preparing riders for the race season.  

The Season Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Student-Athlete Registration Fees

Season Registration: $165 (The season runs from October 15, 2021 – May 29, 2022)

Event/Race Pass: $125 (this is for all 5 planned races of Season three)

*The 2021-2022 Season Registration fee is required to participate and practice with a Florida League team or participate as an independent rider. Student-athletes may join a team and register with the league up until February 11th at 11:59pm.

*The Event Pass add-on to our season registration will cover pricing for all the league race events. This fee can be added on to the Season Registration fee at any time during the season up until February 11th. After this date the only option for payment of race events is individual, or a la carte registration (see below).  Be sure and add/check ALL of the season races in Pitzone at the time of registration to get the Event Pass. Save at least $100 on the cost of the events purchased a la carte!

*The Event Pass in combination with the Season Registration is the best possible pricing for the season for all events and activities. The season registration offers a discounted entry point for families unsure of their event participant plans.

*Participants can register for individual events (a la carte) for $45, however there will be NO DAY OF REGISTRATION. Registration for individual events will close the Friday of the week before (7 days) a race weekend at 11:59PM. For example, Friday the 18th of February is the last day riders can register for the first race on the weekend of February 26-27. Participants must also be registered in Pitzone prior to the Season Registration deadline of February 11th at 11:59 pm to register for individual events. This is the best option for participants that know they may only participate in one or two races.


In addition to supporting the Florida League as a year-round organization, the SEASON REGISTRATION FEE includes and supports:

  • The FICL League experience!
  • Team support and development
  • NICA registration
  • NICA insurance coverage
  • FICL league registration
  • Event development and production
  • Team rides and events with certified NICA coaches
  • Professionally led coaching education and advancement and a top quality youth sports coaching curriculum and philosophy
  • Innovative and class leading youth development programming through sport
  • A safe, professional, secure, and appropriate environment and experience for our participants
  • NICA Adventure, GRiT (Girls Riding Together), and Teen Trail Corp events and activities
  • Special offers from sponsors of NICA and the league, including discounts on product and event registration.

The EVENT PASS FEE will cover the direct costs associated with the production of five high quality events for the season. This includes equipment, rentals, lodging/travel, insurance, venue permits/usage fees, etc.

Team Registration Fee

Non-compliant team registration fee is $250 (teams that do not have a registered Level 3 coach). However by having at least one coach attend the FICL Leaders’ Summit event and/or be a registered Level 3 coach, the team registration fee is cut in half to $125 (Compliant). The team fee will be set at $125 for first year teams, however teams are still required to have a Level 2 coach in order to run insured practices.

The team fee covers the insurance for the entire season of practices, team events and races. The fee also helps offset the cost of ongoing team development and support, team trophies/awards, leaders and strong jerseys, on-the-bike skills clinics and resources, the Coach and Leadership Summit, and helps support league-level scholarships. In addition to liability and supplemental health insurance for all registered coaches, volunteers and student athletes, NICA teams enjoy a number of great benefits, including discounted product from NICA and League sponsors. This fee is managed by the Head Coach or Team Director in Pit Zone.

Note that any local team fees will be in addition to the Florida League’s fee, and will be paid separately to the team. There is a range on what youth mountain biking team fees will be based on what kinds of things the team wants to cover (equipment, food, lodging, coach fees, etc.), so it’s best to check in with your Head Coach or Team Director about this.

Financial Aid

We know finances can be a barrier for people to participate in this sport, and we’re committed to assisting families to the best of our ability with our scholarship fund. Whether you’re a coach or a student-athlete, we are here for you!

Coach Scholarship Application
Student-Athlete Scholarship Application